San Francisco

As stated in my previous post (here) we flew into Oakland. I wasn't 100% in agreement with staying in Oakland; not for any specific reason but my husband knows me well because the view from our hotel room was beautiful. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn and this is the view from our room (picture does no justice). We had a direct view of the Bay Bridge and at night the whole bridge would light up!

 But before arriving in Oakland though we took a drive up to Napa Valley so we could check out the Napa Valley Wine Train.  After the ride we hopped in the car and headed to our hotel in Oakland. We were pretty tired after that so we decided to enjoy some R&R for the rest of the evening.

 The next morning we headed to Sweet Maple for breakfast. We read lots of good reviews so we waited in the rain 90 minutes – and boy was it worth it.  One thing I found true about San Francisco is they have really good food but be prepared to wait for your table.  Sweet Maple is know for their 'millionaire' bacon and the taste surely lived up to its name.  After that we headed to Alamo Square to the 'Painted Ladies' and personally I always wondered what was so special about these particular set of Victorian homes being that San Francisco is filled with them. But what makes these particular set up homes so much more beautiful is the cityscape backdrop. I can image on a picturesque day sitting in the park staring out at the 'Painted ladies' because they sure are postcard perfect.

 Our next stop was the Fisherman’s Wharf. Another thing I noticed about San Francisco is no matter where you are standing you will have a great view.  There are great restaurants to choose from so take a look around before deciding. We decided to go to Cioppino's because I was craving pizza and my husband wanted seafood.  Standing on the marina you can see the Golden Gate Bride (even on a cloudy day) and because San Francisco is so hilly it seems that almost everything is within view.

There was so much to see and do in San Francisco.  Have you ever heard of crooked street?!  We got a chance to actually drive down it, so cool! The Golden Gate Bridge would have to be my favorite sight.  I was worried I wouldn’t get a good photo, it had been raining all weekend but just when we were headed there the sun came out.  There are plenty of places to get a good photo of the bridge once you get to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center.

 Tip: when visiting San Francisco dress in layers!