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Behind the Scenes of New Lux & Co.

Behind the Scenes of New Lux & Co.

I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.
— Pablo Picasso

Behind-the-scenes look at how I create products for my design studio 

Here is a real behind the scene look at my design process. New Lux & Co. is a project that is very dear to my heart and I invite you in to see what my creation process looks like. 

Honestly, it took some time to settle into a workflow. In my professional career I cater to the clients needs. However when building my own business I am the client. I have to figure out what my message is and how I want to deliver it.

Step #1

I gather all of my information and inspiration to set the tone. I pull images from everywhere. I have a gallery of images I've pulled on Pinterest, Tumblr and fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar. I screenshot pretty images I've seen on Instagram. I even cut out images from promotional catalogues I receive in the mail from stores such as Kate Spade, H&M or Express. But inspiration can really come from anywhere like movies, music, books or a place I've traveled to.



Brainstorm my message. I pull together all of my inspiration and try to find a flow or a story behind the image. I ask myself does this design make sense?  How do these elements support my message?



I create! The first image I produce will be the rough draft or the mock -up. Once I fine tune and approve my top designs I save them in different formats psd, jpg and png. Then I print a hard copy to place in my binder.



Next I put the design into production. Some of my art work is designed for my print shop which will include cute little coffee mugs, journals, notecards and planners. When designing my art work I love to use the Adobe Sketch app and I am able to upload it directly from my iPad to Adobe Photoshop on my laptop. When I design templates such as thank you cards and calendars I use Adobe InDesign. 


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New Lux & Co. is a digital design studio that offers a variety of fresh, fun, and modern design templates. Here you will find digital products to help live a more positive, creative and productive day to day life. Our products are straight forward, easy to use designs that helps simplify and streamline your life. From planners to thank you cards, all of our digital designs can be printed from the comfort of your home.

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