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Creating Better Content + Free Printable Worksheet

Creating Better Content + Free Printable Worksheet

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I first began my blogging journey was creating content for my blog and getting my content seen across all of social media platforms. And not just any content, more outstanding and interesting content. Here I am sharing tips for a quick and easy process.

Content Structure

I like to start with an outline. Although my blog post isn't text heavy, when I do decide to do a little more writing I find that an outline works best for me to get my thoughts on paper. Whatever is in my head I write it down. For this, you can use a bullet list or whatever works for you. Remember, this is truly just a way to help organize what you actually want to convey in your blog post. Next, move onto the introduction, which will state the purpose of your blog post and pulls in your reader after glimpsing your title. If your intro is flat then most likely you will lose your reader. It is for this reason you want to make sure you have a solid and strong introduction, to not only entertain your reader but to also pull them into reading the actual meaty contents of your blog post. Your intro should concisely explain your article’s purpose, as well as show readers how you will address your post’s main topic. Also, try to include links to old posts. If you find yourself stuck, as we all sometimes do, save it as a draft or start a new post you can always come back to it later and maybe you have another idea that’s better for you to write. Personally, I currently have at least 5 half-written posts saved for later. Content should contain an intro,  the main paragraph, and a conclusion. While writing ask yourself these questions: Does this make sense? Does it flow right? Is it important? Is it interesting?


One of my favorite things about the blogging process is creating photos to go along with my content. I enjoy the creativity surrounding the process and enjoy visual storytelling, and people respond to beautiful images. Planning ahead is very important to creating the perfect graphic. I like to keep a note of photo inspiration and concepts, my favorite tool to use is Pinterest and my blog post worksheet. Props can make your photos fun and can really bring them to life. Also consider the time of day you take your photos, taking your photos in natural light always bring out the best results. I am a big fan of the Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom bundle. It can seem a little overwhelming in the beginning but it is so worth it if you want high-quality graphics. However, If you ever find yourself out of graphic ideas here are a few free stock photos that I like to pick through that have great high-quality images.


Death to the Stock Photo



As I noted above I like to edit my photos in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, for quick edits I use the Adobe Lightroom app on my iPhone. There are many stages I go through when editing my writing. I use to hate writing but it was something I have always wanted to improve on so my first stage of editing my blog post after I have all of my content written is to proofread, I do a run through not for revising but structural and tone or new ideas. Take a break, this really works. Sometimes I need to take a day and step away from writing to return and edit with fresh eyes. A great tool I use to edit is Grammarly it's an online tool that checks text grammar, punctuation, and style.


The #1 rule is to be consistent. Once the post is edited and scheduled to go live on Squarespace, I use the permalink to plan social media advertising. Hands down my favorite tools for this is Hootsuite and Planoly. Right now, I’m posting at least once a day and my favorite social media platform which I advertise my blog post is INSTAGRAM. Immediately after I’ve finalized the post, I go into Planoly and I schedule my Instagram posts. Pick a frequency. whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, etc. whatever it is stick to it.  Then, I set up MY TWEETS to go out 3 times a day, and my FACEBOOK once a day. Next, I set up my hashtags. Instagram has improved with helping come up with hashtag ideas that are specific to your topic. Pinterest is a highly visual platform. Images on my blog post are PINTEREST friendly so I created a board specifically for my blog post and each morning on my way to work, I pin the images from the individual post to it, it only takes two seconds to do. There are lots of areas that I can improve in but my blog post worksheet definitely keeps me on track. Building a following takes time it's not "if you build it they will come" instead think of it as "if you market it they will come." And remember quality has more of an impact than quantity. Everyone has their own method for what works for them, whatever it is, be consistent.

What are some of your favorite tools to help you with your blog post? My blog post worksheet is a very helpful tool that I have been using for months now and I can see improvements in the quality of my blog post.

Visit newluxandco.com to download your free Blog Post Worksheet.

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