Isla Mujeres

Second time's a charm I guess! 

If you haven't read about my honeymoon recap you can check it out here. This blog post is a story about an adventure I had while on my honeymoon.

So I'll start with this: we visited Isla Mujeres twice, only the first time was a disaster. The first time we visited we took a ferry to the island from Playa Mujeres. It was a Saturday and there were a lot of locals headed to the island as well. It was extremely hot and the lines were extremely long. While standing in line a guy in a uniform tried to convince us to reserve a golf cart however, my husband refused. The ride on the ferry was beautiful. The water was crystal clear so much so you could see to the bottom of the ocean. When we arrived to the island my husband was SO convinced that he could negotiate a good price on a golf cart but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. There were NO golf carts, I mean not one. Some were reserved on the other side of the island while the rest had sold out early in the morning, it was a weekend.  But we remained optimistic. I saw a lot of locals riding around on mopeds so I convinced my husband that the moped was our best option. The beach was too far and it was too hot to walk. My husband had his reservations but I was very confident in myself, I mean everyone was riding them I was sure I could figure it out even though I’ve never road one before. My husband was against it so to prove him wrong I decided to hop on the moped and reassure him that he was in good hands. So after a quick lesson I put the moped in gear and flew down the street screaming, crying with my legs in the air.  

After that you can imagine how shook up I was. Once I got the moped to brake, I hoped off and ran back to my husband shaking and in tears. After he calmed me down we returned the moped. By that time the heat was getting to the both of us, so we grabbed some margarita's and decided to end our little adventure and head back to the resort. If you know me or follow me you should know by now I am an optimistic person. I told my husband I refuse to have this be our memory of our honeymoon, the memory of our first adventure together. He agreed, and we decided to give Isla Mujeres another try.

The second time around we decided to take the trip on a Monday when there were less locals and tourists. So when we got to the marina we reserved our golf cart before heading to the island. It was still hot but there were no long lines and a lot less people traveling to the island. We also grabbed a map and got some good recommendations and landmarks to visit.

Once we got to the Island we went to go pick up our golf cart then pulled out our map and tried to direct ourselves to Punta Sur which wasn’t that difficult to find because it was the tip of the island. Riding along the coast was so beautiful. There was a cool breeze coming from the ocean. We followed the picture signs on the road to Punta Sur. Once we arrived we checked out the little markets in the area then we headed down to the edge of the cliff. There is a 30 Pesos ($3 USD) charge to enter the area and the view is worth every penny.

From this point you are standing at the “Cliff of the Dawn” it is the first place of the country to be touched by the sun’s rays every morning. You get to see the most amazing view of the Gulf from the easternmost point in Mexico. If you are able to catch the sunrise you can say that you are the very first person to see the sunrise in Mexico! There are a lot of sculptures and HUGE iguanas (don’t worry they won’t harm you) and Mayan ruins. Before visiting Isla Mujeres I read how some people who didn’t bother paying rather see the view from the outdoor restaurant. I must say I am glad I didn’t listen to those people. We followed the trail down closer to the water. Some people stopped, took pictures and turned around but where is the adventure in that?? The water was so beautiful and tranquil that before we knew it we walked all the way down to the shore were we found a little opening to the water. It was like our own little piece of the island. So there was only one thing left to do and that was enjoy the crystal clear water!

On our way back to the ferry we hit up a highly recommend stop called 'The Joint' which was such a cool place. It had an island atmosphere, music and food and the service was great.

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