Personal Project - Master your craft

In most cases I like to keep my professional life separate from my personal life.  However, since design is what I have come to love and appreciate and is really a part of my everyday life both professional and personal, I thought I would share some of the things that I work on creatively.  This is another one of my goals for this year, I told myself this year that I would start combining the two so that I can really master my craft.

I will start sharing some of my design elements here on my blog and on Pinterest.  At my daily employment I have the opportunity to create visual content for different events and programs each month which can get a little overwhelming so much so that some of my creative juices really get drained.  In order to stay inspired I love to create mood boards.  Moodboards or inspiration boards are the first step in the design process. Moodboards are an arrangement of images intended to evoke a particular style or concept. So I created a personal project where I share some of the moodboards I have been working on.  I started this project to push myself to spend each day building my creative skills and by sharing it I hope to engage other creatives like myself and bring the design aspect to my brand as intended.

Do you have a moodboard for your brand? Do you see any boards below that stand out to you?

Feel free to Pin these boards to your Pinterest for a little inspiration.

Note: I am not the originator of clipped images. Clipped images originated from Pintrest and Tumblr.

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