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Miami, FL

Miami, FL

I just want to work hard, travel, eat with good people, and love the same man over and over again.

August 8, 2016 marked our one year wedding anniversary. Although we had so much going on, taking a vacation didn't seem likely, but the Hubbards can never turn down a reason to travel so we made this trip short and sweet. We spent three days in Miami, FL. It was so perfect and I am really glad we decided to go. Here is a recap of our time there.

Where we stayed:

As Kimpton members finding a hotel was a no brainier. The EPIC hotel was the perfect place to relax in the ultimate form of luxury. My husband so graciously booked us a room in the EPIC 29 suite. Perched 29 floors above downtown Miami this exclusive room gives you access to all kinds of luxury. A private lounge with a concierge staff who were so warm and friendly. It also came with morning housekeeping service, and with "turn down" service, two private outdoor balconies with the most amazing and unforgettable view of Miami and complimentary Wifi. I can go on and on about the amazing view this room offered, but I will let the photos speak for themselves :)

What we did:

First on our itinerary was our helicopter ride with Miami Helicopter. I was very impressed with this company. They were very professional and courteous and made us feel very safe. We found them on Groupon so we didn't spend a fortune on a very luxurious experience. I highly recommend them if you ever visit Miami. We were in the hands of a very experienced and cool pilot. Once the tour is over they have pictures that you can purchase for a small fee, which I have posted below. 

Going to Ocean Drive in South Beach is a MUST when visiting Miami. The sun was blazing so the water was perfect. We hung out on the Miami strip grabbed some drinks at some of the hottest spots like The Clevelander, Wet Willies and Mango's Tropical Cafe. One stop that I begged to go to was Sparkle & Shine Darling. For anyone not familiar with the brand. Sparkle & Shine Darling is a boutique created by Adrienne Bosh, wife of basketball player Chris Bosh. I won't go into anymore detail, I'll save it for another blog post because this place isn't just a boutique with cute and girly trinkets.

Where we ate:

Area 31 is a restaurant inside of the EPIC hotel. Located on the 16th floor, the restaurant had a panoramic view of the downtown Miami waterfront. We ate there for brunch when first arrived and we ended up going back for dinner the night before we left.

Yardbird is located a block from Sparkle & Shine Darling in Miami Beach, which really worked out for us. My husband would talk about Yardbird all the time when he visits Las Vegas so when I found one in Miami I knew I must try it and WOW was he right. Anyone who likes Southern cuisine will fall in love with Yardbird. I know I did, I'm still dreaming about their food... sad, I know!

I hope you've enjoyed this post because I really had a great time, like I said before this trip was 'short and sweet'. If anyone is planning on going to Miami anytime soon, take me with you! I can fit inside your suitcase (it's true, i've tried it)!

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