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Pajama Street Chic

Pajama Street Chic

4 Tips To Pull Off The Pajama Trend Without Looking Like You Rolled Out Of Bed

“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.”

Seriously, this is the most comfortable, easy, classic look I've worn all year. The pajama look is the trend to try this fall. I mean, who doesn't want to go out the house in their pj's. Here are 4 tips to pull off the pajama trend without looking like you rolled out of bed.

1. Pick The Right Fabric

Try silk or cotton for a sleek and polished look. Try to remain wrinkle free to avoid looking like you rolled out of bed.

2. Add The Right Pair Of Shoes

You can go super casual with oxford loafers, mules or sneakers; even dress it up with a pair of heels. Also, choose a pair of shoes that don't look like slippers when rocking a pajama set on the street. 

3. Choose The Right Piece 

If this is your first time trying this trend try styling as separates. Try pairing a pajama shirt with jeans or a blazer tee and pajama pants. Or throw on a kimono robe.

4. Stay Wrinkle Free

I think this tip is self-explanatory. Make sure to iron or steam your comfy ensemble. Yes, you will have to put some effeort into your effortless look. 

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