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D.I.Y. Bio Link For Social Media

D.I.Y. Bio Link For Social Media

How to create a one click bio link to house all of your content.

I've been seeing those Link Tree urls that all of the top bloggers are sharing on Instagram. I think it's a great idea and it's more efficient to have one link then having to change your url every time you have new content to share. Squarespace allows you to create unlinked public pages that do not appear in your navigation. I have been using Squarespace since 2013 and I always find new ways to personalize my brand in ways that are personal and aesthetically pleasing. If you are a Squarespace user and want to customize your own bio link for social media, check out these steps. 

In your Pages tab go to not linked > click + to add a new page > go to Cover Page

A Cover Page is a one-page website that you can customize by adding content and tweak the styles. With 30 templates to choose from.

Here is a break down of some of the features:

Branding & Text

Customize Branding & Text is where you can craft a headline or add your logo and grab attention by adding a clear and concise message.


Media links will display images or a video on your Cover Page or keep it simple with a solid background. This is a perfect way to stick to your brand.


The action button is where you really want to put some thought into. You can choose between buttons or navigation links. Click the Navigation button to send your followers to specific destinations. You can also add a form to your Cover Page.

Social Icons

Your social media icons are already connected to your Squarespace account all you have to do is click the Display Social Icons button.


You can adjust fonts, color, and sizes to fit your brand.

Tip: create a catchy url slug that will make people want to click your link.

( I am using the Vignette Cover Page template)


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