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Surviving the First Year of Marriage

Surviving the First Year of Marriage

I can't believe it's been one year of marriage already! This year has certainly had it's ups and downs but all of those moments have taught us more about each other and has made us grow as husband and wife. No marriage is perfect, any couple can attest to that. I am blessed to have a family of women who married before me who kept it very real with me. So I knew before getting married that it wouldn't be as glamorous as you see in the movies or on social media.

Before we got married we sat down with a mature spiritual married couple who shared a lot of great points from the scriptures on how we can have a strong marriage. Here are a few tips that they shared from an article we studied during our sessions that helped us get through the first year of marriage and to continue to grown as husband and wife.


TRY THIS: When discussing matters that will affect your marriage partner, (1) explain how you would like to handle the situation, but present your thoughts as suggestions, not final decisions or ultimatums; (2) ask your spouse to express his or her opinion, and acknowledge your spouse’s right to hold a different viewpoint; and (3) “let your reasonableness become known” by adopting your mate’s preferences whenever possible.—Philippians 4:5.


TRY THIS: When you are annoyed with your mate, imagine that instead of talking to your spouse, you are conversing with a good friend or with your employer. Would you still use the same tone of voice or choice of words? Then think of reasons why your spouse deserves to be spoken to with even more respect and tact than does your friend or employer.—Colossians 4:6.


TRY THIS: Rather than taking note of ways in which you feel your spouse ought to change, keep a changes-I-need-to-make list. Husbands: When you upset your wife by the way you exercise or fail to exercise your headship, ask her how you can improve, and then write the suggestion down. Wives: When your husband feels that he is not being shown respect, ask him how you can improve, and take note of the suggestion.


Learning to maintain a happy, balanced marriage relationship is like learning to ride a bicycle. You expect some tumbles as you gain confidence as a cyclist. Likewise, you should expect to make some embarrassing mistakes as you gain experience in marriage.

Source information: https://www.jw.org/finder?docid=2010564&wtlocale=E&srcid=share

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