The Secret to Flight

I've never started anything for the pursuit of money or glory, not this blog, not my design shop, nor the photos I post on social media. I've always had a hunger for creativity and through different stages in my life I've developed different talents and have pursued different creative avenues to develop my talents. At the end of the day creativity has always been the force behind all of my pursuits. My creative proficiency has given me a voice and a certain level of recognition and that does give me great joy. But it isn't the success that I crave. When you do something from the heart it feeds you. Sincerity takes us above the noise. For a moment, the noise just got too loud so a break from blogging seemed like the natural course to take. Now, I've had this strong desire to restore my blog and improve my blog content. New Lux will forever be my focus, it will point to the heart of my creative journey.

Don’t flap your wings so hard. It only exhaust you. Close your eyes. Lean into the currents, say yes. Let the wind raise you higher. So easy. That’s what eagles do. Oh, this is the secret to life as well.
— Kamal Ravikant