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Tips on How to Create Consistently Great Blog Post

Tips on How to Create Consistently Great Blog Post

Writing good content and being consistent is imperative to getting traffic to your blog. There is no magic formula to blogging. Writing killer blog post is about having the right elements. Read these 6 steps to creating content so good it begs to be shared, including a free worksheet to help you write better and faster.


Engaging Title

Your title should grab peoples attention as it's the first thing views will read. The is probably the most important component that often gets overlooked. Try posing a question or starting with how to

Relevant Quality Images

Once someone clicks on your headline you want to keep them engaged. Adding an image or graphic to your post will make it more eye-catching.

First Paragraph

Tell your readers why they are there. Make sure to use keywords. Yes, you are writing for humans but google is still a robot so we need to use keywords that the robot can easily categorize.

Call to Action

Summarize the post with a call to action, this could be a link to another post or asking them a question which they can reply to in the comments. Try and open-ended question that will spark curiosity.


Use links throughout your post that directs viewers to past post.

Share Social Media

Add some social media buttons to the post


The Secret to Flight

The Secret to Flight

CHARM SCHOOL: Create A Chic, Timeless, Signature Style

CHARM SCHOOL: Create A Chic, Timeless, Signature Style